Tuesday, March 6, 2012

doodle - The Crying Girl

Yup Healthy again!! this my first post on March, I have not posted anything last week,  cz I was sick, fatigue and nausea when I on my computer. I have been bed rest in 3 days, I leave my students, my pen and my computer, thoose day was so suffered (ha3). But.... Im back again!! feel enthusiastic,fresh and healthy also have many to do list (that I wanted on this month).


  1. Very nice sketching style! It is awesome how straight your lines are! Did you do a lot of nude drawings?

    Regards, S

  2. My March 1st only on Thursday ... today I'm also evil, with much nausea and malaise. A hug and once again your draft is pretty cool

    1. yuup every month we always feel like that,.so pretty bad for women like us.. he3. Thanks Patricia