Monday, December 3, 2012

playing with aquarelle

Couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were dating with lil different theme, did not going to the cinema, or just ate at our fav cafe, but we did an artdate at fastfood resto ...*FYI : fastfood is not really "us" for dating, hahaha I have the reason ,  when we on the way the weather is so cloudy, so we must choose place for dating quickly. and we found it:))

We ordered some food and had a seat and started drawing and playing with pencil and watercolor. Fun? Definitely!! for the first, I was very insecure and stressed.  He is so talented,, agile with the brush...and I.... just beginner, poor me :(. then  "it was not competition" I shouted to myself, it's just for FUN! load was all gone. and...we were having fun :)

here mine (I take all this pictures with my phone cam, sorry, the resolution is not good enough) :

and bellow his works:  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my doodle uploaded on Instagram

Been so long not upload something here. Yeah... the reason still the same, have been super busy with my main work along these days. I didn't have time to touch my beloved wacom in this week, But I still scribbling in any paper in any time and anywhere, then captured with my phone cam and uploaded it on instagram (u can see few above).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi all, 
This my first artwork post on October, this artwork inspired by my outfit when on work, he3. what do you think? I guess U'll say it's too formal outfit for creative field. Honestly, I prefer to wear casual outfit like jeans and Tshirt when on work, but the coorporate that I work now is about in education field, so I must wear formal stuff like above. on the first it's lil difficult to follow the rule, by the time I enjoy with this outfit, I feel like ON WORK when wear formal outfit, so I can keep professional on my duty and my deadline.

By the way, Yesterday was my nephew birthday, his name is Abi, 3th YO. I went to my sister's house on night and brought gift, offcourse. He was very happy accepted my gift, sets of oil pastels, drawing book, activitity book and color book. I hope it can be usefull for him, 

Thanks for reading and enjoy my artwork :D.
post your comment bellow about your impression,


Friday, September 7, 2012

Brand New Face

hellow fellow..

Yap this post is all about brand new face from my blog YAY \(^o^)/...
 for the first, I wanna tell u honestly why I decided to change my interface,. it's just suddenly happened when I was start sketching on my desk after gave some assignment for my students. I just doodled, just moved out my wrist on my sketch book, I started to draw girl on a lightbox* (*animator desk) and.. TADAAA! inspirations came over! then I continued to draw some logos dan colored it.
...and I've chosen Yellow (one of the colors that I really like) as the key color for the new interface. Now about the header, I was stressed with this. I have NO idea what I must draw. and still NO idea, so.. I just change the background color from old header to yellow one..hahahaha

then.. I changed post column to  the right side (previously on the left side), it just for freshener. Important part from this redesign is I added some new links for ease in contact with me.
Hope this new face make me more often to post my artwork and u can enjoy to visit my blog more and more :D

See yaaaa 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wrist exercise

wrist exercise: cartoonize the style and appearance from some photographs

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christian Bale

according my promise few days ago... finally, I  did it! I made artwork about Chirstian Bale. Once again I want to tell u that I'm BIG fan of him, I've watched alllllll his movie, and satisfied! love his act, lips, and all the package of him ha2 :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

girl with glasses and green knitted jacket

Hiii... here my new  artwork that i did today,. no idea, just want to make a character with glasses because I bought  fashion glasses like that and want to draw it too :) what do u think?

By the way, I've seen Batman Dark Knight Rises a couple hours ago... and offcourse very excited!!! well, I'm big fan of batman and Christian Bale... so I've waited this movie from last year. and u know?? I've been waiting from 5 pm to 8.45 pm to get the tickets, tiring... but worth with my satisfied after watched this movie..,hmmm someday I will draw something about Batman and Christian Bale...

Now... time to sleep....night all.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Love at the first sight, well that's the words suitable for the movie that I've watched, Prometheus. My eyes spoiled with stunning images and visual effects throughout the film.
The space costume,really cool with the yellow lights are lit inside the helmet,and I like it the most.
Even though our eyes are very satisfied by this sci-fi horror film, there are few flaws in the story I thought,spent my money for going to the cinema to watch this movie and flooded my eyes with incredibly images, who's regret? definitely not me!
And of course I've drawn it, he3 ... and here it is:

and I also post my work space in my room, I finished repainting the walls with yellow color, and did it by my self \(^0^)/. I have plenty of time in this week(school holidays), although I'm not a student anymore, but I do work in the education fields , so automatically I enjoy the student holiday too ha3, lucky me :).
U see the figures on my desk? there are gift from a few friends, cool right??

happy holiday,guys.... :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

the Photograber

Yay! I got my wacom back...this my "quicky" digital sketch that I did today. no story. no idea. just doodling. I give a tittle in this post is "the photograbber", cz that guy just grab the Nikon (not use it like the real photographer), and walk lazily. hhmmm... photograber and photographer, are they same rhyme? he3 :)

Today is my busy day, it's the last day to prepare a national student skill competition, tomorrow I'll go to Bandung as one of the organizing committees for one week. Hope the competition goes well.

enjoy guys

Friday, June 8, 2012

superintendent final exam on duty :)

These are some of my doodle that I did when I became superintendent final exam at school yesterday. Well, I know that should not to do when on duty, but nevertheless it was very boring job as a guard, had to watch one by one the students to not cheat on each other for more than 4 hoursit must be sleepy. instead I fell asleep in class, I better draw something :). These are:
and here the situation in the classroom during the final exam  
(I secretly took these photo with my phone's cam):

Thursday, May 24, 2012

little cute brocolli on my meal

Already arrived!!! I got this little cute brocolli giveaway from . I thought it can be cool if I took pictures of this brocolli toy with vegie meal. I'm very happy when the package arrived a few days ago. thanks to  who's the creature of this cool stuff, yes! your cute brocolli toys already arround the world, certainly.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

exercising :))

These are my doodles that i did in couple days ago.. WAW...spent 4 pages of my sketchbook...\(^.^)/ yah its just for practicing, moving out my wrist and hope my drawing can be better. hhhmmm other reason why i did so many drawing is I cant used my beloved wacom within a few days, poor me.  btw, I drew these with my water color pencils, and as u see how soft the water color pencil's tip, so i must re-sharpened it repeatedly. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lady on red

Hello.. this my first artwork posted on May... still the same style I thought, but I satisfied cz finally I made ilustrations with monochrome color :)
next, I'll make the different one.. 
enjoy guys!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girl with Lob Hairstyle sketch

After seeing happening hairstyle in fashion magazine - called 'lob' (long bob), I want to cut my hair like that,. 
before going to the hairdresser... I look in the mirror ...  hhmmm I thought I still love my long hair, I took a long time to grow it... so I decided to not cut my hair, and... I draw a girl with lob hairstyle on my latest sketch to satisfy my imagination about lob. Enjoy.. :))

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

beggar & sittin' girl (this tittle not interested so much!)

sooooo looooong....  not post anything in my blog,. (who cares??!! ha3)... so much busy in this week.. bundle of my students task need to get grades , mid-term report for 1st grade, exam for 3rd grade .
hhhh...hope dissapear...swallowed by the earth!
Btw... these my newest sketches...hope u like it

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Hi All" She said

Hi all!! How are ya??!! he3... this my fashionable artwork in this month (I thought... :D). Lets talk about her stuff, green knitted hat and cardigan really cute with little sorrel dress. She wears my real necklaces ha3....and....U see the clog shoes on her feet? I really want it badly T.T

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

doodle - The Crying Girl

Yup Healthy again!! this my first post on March, I have not posted anything last week,  cz I was sick, fatigue and nausea when I on my computer. I have been bed rest in 3 days, I leave my students, my pen and my computer, thoose day was so suffered (ha3). But.... Im back again!! feel enthusiastic,fresh and healthy also have many to do list (that I wanted on this month).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ilustration for Internet Cafe


My friend asked me to make an ilustration for his internet cafe, when I was started sketching, I have not got the cafe's tittle, so I interpreted and drawn it as he asked. I thought I'm bit not satisfied with the result, cz I want to vectorize it actually...but with super duper short deadline, I'm affraid can't finish it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rain Coat Little Girl

a few days ago, when I went to work, I saw a cute girl accompanied by her father (Her father?!really?! he3.. I thought), they walked in front of me, she walked like an adult (ha3 funny!), and very cute wearing the playgroup uniform.She really inspiring me,  And I decided to draw a little girl (with cute fashion style of course!) when I back to home. soooo.... here it is..

Monday, February 20, 2012