Friday, September 7, 2012

Brand New Face

hellow fellow..

Yap this post is all about brand new face from my blog YAY \(^o^)/...
 for the first, I wanna tell u honestly why I decided to change my interface,. it's just suddenly happened when I was start sketching on my desk after gave some assignment for my students. I just doodled, just moved out my wrist on my sketch book, I started to draw girl on a lightbox* (*animator desk) and.. TADAAA! inspirations came over! then I continued to draw some logos dan colored it.
...and I've chosen Yellow (one of the colors that I really like) as the key color for the new interface. Now about the header, I was stressed with this. I have NO idea what I must draw. and still NO idea, so.. I just change the background color from old header to yellow one..hahahaha

then.. I changed post column to  the right side (previously on the left side), it just for freshener. Important part from this redesign is I added some new links for ease in contact with me.
Hope this new face make me more often to post my artwork and u can enjoy to visit my blog more and more :D

See yaaaa 


  1. wuaaaa,, congratz for brand-new-face-your-blog hahaha,,, fha, aku ajarono bahasa Inggris, fha,, :D

  2. @Asimetris: ha3 tq Rie... ini gak sengaja asline ate ngerubah layout nya, cini-cini cayank.... tak ajarin bahasa inggris yang belepotan
    @Fados do lar: glad u like it :), xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. (^)3( ^^)xixixixi,. makasi mbak yunchan