Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi all, 
This my first artwork post on October, this artwork inspired by my outfit when on work, he3. what do you think? I guess U'll say it's too formal outfit for creative field. Honestly, I prefer to wear casual outfit like jeans and Tshirt when on work, but the coorporate that I work now is about in education field, so I must wear formal stuff like above. on the first it's lil difficult to follow the rule, by the time I enjoy with this outfit, I feel like ON WORK when wear formal outfit, so I can keep professional on my duty and my deadline.

By the way, Yesterday was my nephew birthday, his name is Abi, 3th YO. I went to my sister's house on night and brought gift, offcourse. He was very happy accepted my gift, sets of oil pastels, drawing book, activitity book and color book. I hope it can be usefull for him, 

Thanks for reading and enjoy my artwork :D.
post your comment bellow about your impression,


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