Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my doodle uploaded on Instagram

Been so long not upload something here. Yeah... the reason still the same, have been super busy with my main work along these days. I didn't have time to touch my beloved wacom in this week, But I still scribbling in any paper in any time and anywhere, then captured with my phone cam and uploaded it on instagram (u can see few above).


  1. Hey ifha,

    nice to see some new stuff. I love the face studies on the top left^^. And by the way- nice new blog interface. The header looks great! So as always, I wish you the best for your current projects...looking forward to see them!
    Best, S

    1. Hey Stefan,

      really glad U dig it, thank you. and btw congrats for your current job too,.

      Warm Regard, Ifha

  2. wih... keren keren nih gambarnya :D