Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girl with Lob Hairstyle sketch

After seeing happening hairstyle in fashion magazine - called 'lob' (long bob), I want to cut my hair like that,. 
before going to the hairdresser... I look in the mirror ...  hhmmm I thought I still love my long hair, I took a long time to grow it... so I decided to not cut my hair, and... I draw a girl with lob hairstyle on my latest sketch to satisfy my imagination about lob. Enjoy.. :))


  1. Very good, you feel like cutting yes, then grow again.

    About your comment I also as a child, scribbling a lot, but not only paper, but the walls of the house kkkkkkk

  2. i like it - bu ifa tukeran link yoook-my blog

    - iqbal :)