Monday, December 3, 2012

playing with aquarelle

Couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were dating with lil different theme, did not going to the cinema, or just ate at our fav cafe, but we did an artdate at fastfood resto ...*FYI : fastfood is not really "us" for dating, hahaha I have the reason ,  when we on the way the weather is so cloudy, so we must choose place for dating quickly. and we found it:))

We ordered some food and had a seat and started drawing and playing with pencil and watercolor. Fun? Definitely!! for the first, I was very insecure and stressed.  He is so talented,, agile with the brush...and I.... just beginner, poor me :(. then  "it was not competition" I shouted to myself, it's just for FUN! load was all gone. and...we were having fun :)

here mine (I take all this pictures with my phone cam, sorry, the resolution is not good enough) :

and bellow his works:  


  1. ah, an artist couple... *envy
    nice stuff guys! :D

  2. kereeenn,, b^^
    pasti di M*D depan Avia ehehehe,,

  3. nice stuff here
    salam kenal ifha,dating nya asiik bgt
    hhe peace:)^_^

  4. wow, asik2 hasil karyanya... salam kenal mbak... sukses yaa... ^^

  5. Karya kamu berkarakter dan fun yah :D
    Visit my artwork here :)