Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Love at the first sight, well that's the words suitable for the movie that I've watched, Prometheus. My eyes spoiled with stunning images and visual effects throughout the film.
The space costume,really cool with the yellow lights are lit inside the helmet,and I like it the most.
Even though our eyes are very satisfied by this sci-fi horror film, there are few flaws in the story I thought,spent my money for going to the cinema to watch this movie and flooded my eyes with incredibly images, who's regret? definitely not me!
And of course I've drawn it, he3 ... and here it is:

and I also post my work space in my room, I finished repainting the walls with yellow color, and did it by my self \(^0^)/. I have plenty of time in this week(school holidays), although I'm not a student anymore, but I do work in the education fields , so automatically I enjoy the student holiday too ha3, lucky me :).
U see the figures on my desk? there are gift from a few friends, cool right??

happy holiday,guys.... :)


  1. wooow!! another cool artwork!
    someday i would like to grab all that sculptures, and replace it with aviq! :p

    1. thanks Glu,.u want to replace all my figures with aviq?? sounds pretty big on my desk :)